Theme, 9 of Swords. The suit of Swords represents the element of air, mind, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. Here this woman seems to be lying awake at night because of thoughts and messages that hang over her. Perhaps they are worries about her story, or her budget, or what others might think of her work. Or perhaps they are dreams, bringing her insights. Whatever the messages are, it’s time to listen, pay attention and then respond or take action. Energy is shifted with action.

Focus, The Empress. The Empress has the power to shift energy through her ability to create, to create with beauty and abundance. She recognizes herself as the source of creative power. How are you the source of beauty and abundance in the world?

Action, Queen of Cups. Cups is the element of water, heart, emotions, dreams and intuitions. Even when you don’t feel as powerful as the Empress, you still have the power to direct your creative dreams and desires into action. Don’t just dream, take action on the dream, with love–for your work and yourself.

Gift, 4 of Wands. Wands is the element of fire, spirit, creativity, career, work. When you take action on the dream or vision with love there is a commitment made that provides stability this week, and creates a space of beauty and serenity.

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