Theme, 10 of Swords. Swords is the element of Air in the realm of mind, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and communication. Ten is the tipping number from ending to beginning. This week, be aware of when you are working towards finishing one project and beginning another how old doubts, insecurities, criticisms from others and your inner critic assail you, trying immobilize you and keep you from moving forward. Keep asking yourself, “Am I going to let this stop me?”

Focus, 6 of Cups. Cups is the element of Water in the realm of heart, emotions, dreams, intuition and creativity. Six is a number that often represents harmony and new direction (after the new awareness of 5). This week, you want to focus on where the fun and play are. How can I have fun finishing this project? How can I be playful as I approach this new project? And how do I tap into those feelings of possibility and imagination?

Action, 4 of Coins. And while you are being playful and imaginative, don’t forget to be practical. Coins is the element of Earth in the realm of home, health and wealth. Take practical steps this week to provide stability for the new project and for the launch of the one you are just finishing. Create a budget for money, time, energy. Set goals and deadlines, so you feel more secure as you set out.

Gift, 9 of Swords. And finally, the gift. Back to the suit of Swords and the mind, and the number 9, the number of gestation and birth. Look for the gift of dreams and inspiration as you sleep this week. Be alert to them, record them and then extract from them all the treasure that is there for your work.

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