What they’re saying about Paula…

Paula is the best writing coach I have ever encountered! Twice now I have brought her a book that was stuck and she’s helped me find the essential thread of the story. ~ Rachel Pollack, author of The Tarot of Perfection: Eight Tales

Paula was instrumental in helping me craft and perfect my query for publication and representation of my plays nationally and internationally. She is a visionary with a keen sense of the marketplace and women’s contribution in particular in the arts. Magnificently encouraging, boldly innovative, she guides the writer to express her fullest potential in communicating about her work. I recommend Paula’s services as writing muse without reservation. ~ Rosary O’Neill, author and playwright

The guidance I received from the work we did together, pointed to areas I needed to develop in myself personally and professionally, as well as provided insights about how to approach health issues for myself and my clients…Paula is an insightful and intuitive guide to your dream world. ~ Marion Bergan Irwin, licensed acupuncturist

Dreamwork with Paula goes beyond usual understanding, cracks open new opportunities, and gives grounded ideas on how to take the messages forward. She navigates the dreamer’s dream world with her/him with confidence and openness. ~ Suzanne B., education administrator

As a result of the experience in your class, I found new strength and conviction in my creative life, and a sense of calm and peace about the trauma of my past… I just wanted to let you know that the impact of your class on my creative and emotional life was deep, and still resonates. ~ Melinda Coss Aquino, writer

Jaw-dropping is common whenever Paula is around. It starts as a small swirl of astonishment when she guides you through the ancient world of spirit guides and power animals, growing into amazement as she peels back your dreams until they glisten like diamonds. And just when you think it’s all over, Paula murmurs those magical words, ‘If your dream were my dream…’ And that’s when she blows you away. ~ Jennifer Ortiz, writer

Paula has a gift for bringing clarity, calm and the energy of hope to my creative path. Her insights and inspiration haven proven invaluable to me as I push deeper into my writing, and my life. ~ Heather Summerhayes Cariou, author of Sixty-five Roses

Paula’s knowledge, professionalism, and genuine care foster a safe environment for self-discovery through dreamwork. Thanks to Paula’s workshops and one-on-one counseling, I have learned to participate in, listen to, and honor my sleeping and waking dreams. In turn, I live a more fulfilling waking life and a more meaningful dream life. ~ Judy Adourian, author, writing coach

Paula’s dreamwork teaching and one-on-one coaching are patient, generous, and gently vibrant. Her observations about my dreams have been stunningly perceptive. I’m truly grateful for Paula’s authentic commitment to my well-being, and I believe she gives this to everyone. ~ Marj Hahne, poet

Paula, I am grateful for your grounded and peaceful presence and for teaching me that tarot reaches into the other-worldly wisdom of dreams. ~ Donnaleigh de LaRose, host of “Beyond Worlds”, BlogTalk Radio

Just got off the phone with Paula Chaffee Scardamalia and it was SO insightful and mind opening! All artists/entertainment peeps should friend her!!! ~ Jessica Sitomer, actor, author, and entertainment coach