Theme, The Star. A Major Arcana card, the Star shines, inspires and heals. So this week, look for opportunities to shine, to inspire and yes, heal others with your creative work. Also be alert to sources of inspiration for you.

Focus, 6 of Swords. Swords is the element of Air in the realm of mind, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and communication. The mind has its subterranean levels that need to be navigated in order to move forward. As you pass through these areas this week, what is your focus for the future? Who helps you move forward and what lights your way?

Action, The Devil. Another Major Arcana card, here the Devil is holding up the Fool from progressing on his journey. But the Fool fails to move forward because he won’t look at what binds and blocks him. This week, look. Dare to see what bedevils you, holds you back and blocks your creative way forward.

Gift, The Moon. Obviously, this is an important week for looking at what resides in the dark and the unconscious. This Major Arcana card promises to illuminate new dreams and insights if we do the work this week. So look for those dreams, both sleep and waking, and the intuitive hits and flashes that bring us home to our creative work.

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