Muse Mentoring Services

 A Heart-to-Heart with the Muse

Ready to hear intuitive insights that will inspire and motivate you? Want an understanding boost over a current creative challenge? Need clarity about your creative direction?

This powerful, illuminating 30-minute consultation combines elements of dreams, tarot, intuitive insights and experience to: help you get clear on the what, why and how of your creative project or life; break through blocks and fears; define steps for practical, inspired action.

A Heart-to-Heart with the Muse – $97

…every time I have had a conversation with Paula, I have had a breakthrough of some sort.  She is extremely talented in asking the right questions, sharing personal stories, and using her intuitive side to pull out of you what it is that you really want, or don’t want…She is like the light one needs to see through the fog of our sometimes, unclear path. ~Vidette Vanderweide, author, speaker and host of the Reinvention Channel.

Manuscript Critiques

While there are many more options in today’s publishing industry for getting your story or message to your audience, there are also thousands of books being published both digitally and in print. To give your book the best chance for success, a manuscript critique is important. Whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction, a critique helps you shape and polish your manuscript so that you can submit or publish with confidence.

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Answer the Call of the Muse

The Muse is calling. A book idea is persistently niggling at you to write. For whatever reason, you’ve put it off and put it off. Or, it woke you up in the middle of the night and you know. You just know that you need to write this book. But the whole idea is a little scary.

Or, you started the book but the demands of family, job, community keep getting in your way. Your energy is flagging and the Muse’s voice is buried under every day demands.

This 6-week program will get you clear on your book idea, assist you in answering the three important questions you must answer for your nonfiction book or help your define characters and conflict for your romance or fantasy novel. The program will also provide support for establishing boundaries to protect your writing space and time, and for developing routines and rituals. Includes three 30-minute calls, a content edit of 50 pages ($300 value), 1 tarot consult, and emails for $497. Email me to Answer the Call of the Muse.

Write from Your Heart with Confidence

Sometimes, starting a book seems easy. You are in love with the idea. Then you start putting words to paper or screen. The thrill of seeing page after page develop is exhilarating. But somewhere along the way, the book bogs down, your energy lags, distractions occur.

This 3-month program will get you writing and keep you writing, whether you are developing that nonfiction book proposal for your transformational or spiritual book, or you are writing your first romance or fantasy novel. In addition to defining the idea, audience and genre or category for your book, and helping you establish boundaries and routines, this program will provide the important feedback and support to keep you and your book on track when the unexpected shows up (and it will). The program includes ten 30-minute calls, 150 pages of content editing ($1000 value), 3 tarot readings, emails and handouts for $2950 paid in full. Payment plan available. Email me to Write from Your Heart with Confidence.

Shine Like a Star with Your Story

This special 6-month program is for you if you want to not only write the book but to also do everything you can to publish and promote your book, to make it the shining star that leads readers to discover that unique gift or story you have to share with them.

This personal, intimate, custom-designed program will help you:
• Get focused on the goals, hook, audience and competition for your book
• Discover the concerns and challenges that stall your writing
• Layout the structural elements of your book
• Set realistic writing goals and establish doable writing routines
• Create queries, synopses or proposals
• Compare and choose the best approach to publishing for your book and you
• Look at ways to promote and market that are easy and natural for you

Whether you are writing a romance or fantasy novel or a transformational, spiritual or metaphysical non-fiction book, together we’ll get that book from your imagination into the world.

The program includes 25 30-minute calls, 250 pages of content editing (a $1750 value), emails and handouts for $4500 paid in full. Payment plan available. Email me to Shine like a Star.

Paula’s dreamwork teaching and one-on-one coaching are patient, generous, and gently vibrant. Her observations about my dreams have been stunningly perceptive. I’m truly grateful for Paula’s authentic commitment to my well-being, and I believe she gives this to everyone. ~ Marj Hahne, Poet

One of Paula’s incredible gifts, and there are many, is being able to see to the heart of the matter. I was unable to move forward with a particular part of my book because the information I needed to write about was painful and I was afraid to tackle it. She shored me up with her wisdom and compassion, helping me to honor the difficulty, and the process of moving through it. It proved to be a major breakthrough for me. ~ Sheila Weinstein, writer

The Muse and I await you.