Theme, 7 of Coins. Coins is the element of Earth in the realm of home, health and wealth. Seven is a number of action or being aware of action. This week, keep your eyes on your creative prize. That is, tend to your creative projects. Although they may be coming along nicely, now is not the time to expect them to come to fruition on their own. They still must be nurtured and guarded.

Focus, Knight of Wands. Wands is the element of Fire in the realm of spirit, creativity, career, and work. The Knight is the champion, the one who has what is necessary to do the job of serving and protecting. Ask yourself how you are the passionate, fiery champion for your creative work.

Action, 5 of Coins. Back in the element of Earth, you can see the woman with her hand outstretched seeking alms/aid, when right behind her is the possibility of a level of help or aid that is better than she can imagine. Look around you this week for where help is available to you that you are not receiving or aware of. Move from passive victim to active seeker.

Gift, Queen of Swords. Swords is the element of Air in the realm of mind, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and communication. The Queen is the mistress of Air and, not only does she take no guff from anyone, but she knows how to get her point across, sharply and with intelligence. One of the sources of aid or help in your circle might be someone who can offer that skill to you in order to help you communicate better about your creative work. Be prepared to receive it.

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