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Theme, Ace of Wands. Wands is the element of Fire in the realm of spirit, creativity, career, and work. Ace is the beginning, the seed. In Wands, Ace is the new creative project that carries passion and energy with it. This week, be alert for new ideas so that you can launch a new creative project with energy behind it.

Focus, Judgement. This Major Arcana card is about calling to vision, to rebirth and reawakening. Where are you called to new creative visions? How might an Ace of Wands idea really call to your clients or customers, or call you to great vision in your creative work?

Action, 5 of Swords. Swords is the element of Air in the realm of mind, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and communication. Five is a number of change and challenge. This week, pick your verbal battles carefully, especially around defending or describing your work. Don’t take everyone on. You’ll wear yourself out.

Gift, The Moon. This Major Arcana card is about Moon-time things like dreams, intuition, and moonlit magic. Be ready to receive the gift of new insights, new inspiration through the night, especially from your dreams.

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Theme, Page of Swords. Swords is the element of Air in the realm of the mind, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and communication. The Page is the messenger of the court. This week, look for two ways to communicate with your audience or customers about your work. Communicate with energy and cushion your message in some way that is attractive and enticing.

Focus, The Star. The Star is a Major Arcana card who appeared in last week’s reading so this is a “pay attention” card. This week, ask yourself, “What is my source of illumination and inspiration?” When you know this, you can tap into with more clarity and consistency.

Action, 8 of Swords. Again, with this Swords, in the realm of the mind, thoughts, communications. This week, you are invited to remove the blindfold that keeps you from seeing the truth of your situation and moving forward. Instead, you are letting your worries and concerns get bigger and bigger (Jupiter). Take the blindfold off, cut yourself free with the truth and get moving with your creative work.

Gift, King of Swords. So, in case you didn’t get the message yet, this week it is all about how you communicate with yourself and with others. The Gift is both more confidence in your messaging and perhaps an assist from someone who is a master communicator. Look for that gift.

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Theme, Knight of Cups. Cups is the element of Water in the realm of emotions, dreams, intuition, and creativity. The Knight is the one who trains and has the skills and resources to serve and protect the realm. But even as the knight ventures forth on his/her creative quest, there are dangers lurking. This week, be aware of the what can challenge or even sabotage your creative work.

Focus, The Star. A Major Arcana card, the Star urges this week to ask how you inspire and heal others with your creative work. Are you letting you and your gifts shine so that others may do the same?

Action, Queen of Cups. The Queen is the mistress of her watery realm, totally at home in the world of emotions and creativity. This week, let your emotions nurture your creative work. Emotions are what links you to your audience. Use them.

Gift, 7 of Cups. This card illustrates one possible challenge for that Knight of Cups–distractions. But since the card is in the position of Gift, the card tells you that you will find it easier to find your focus this week, to stay targeted on one primary creative project.

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Theme, King of Coins. Coins is the element of Earth in the realm of home, health, wealth. The King is the master of the element, and here he stands surveying his domain, getting the big creative picture. This week, be sure you are seeing the big picture of your creative work as you make decisions and take action. Remember to be aware of your time, energy and money.

Focus, Judgement. This Major Arcana card is number 20 in the Fool’s Journey, and suggests rebirth and resurrection, the call to new vision and new life. Ask, what is the idea or project that has been buried or set aside for other projects or priorities and now needs to be called forth? What book or project is ready to be resurrected?

Action, High Priestess. Also a Major Arcana, the High Priestess is the number 2 and asks you to focus on what deep wisdom, what true story wants to emerge from your unconscious? What deep awakening around your creativity wants to occur. Because the 20 of Judgement adds up to 2, these two cards are related in the reading this week, challenging you to be very aware of the inner journey of your creative work and to allow the significant and meaningful work to emerge.

Gift, The Empress. Again, a Major Arcana card, so this is a powerful week for your creative work. The Empress is the source of life, of creativity, of passion. Doing the work suggested by the first three cards brings you to a place of remembering your passion for life and for creativity, and a reminder that there is more where that came from. In other words, creativity and creative ideas are your birthright.

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Theme, 9 of Wands. Wands is the element of Fire in the realm of spirit, creativity, career and work. Nine is a number of completion. Note how weary the warrior is, and the waning moon. The warrior has taken the work, the battle as far as he can. You have taken your work, your creative project(s) as far as you can. Look for the time this week to finish up. Take care of those last details and then let it go.

Focus, 9 of Cups. Cups is the element of Water in the realm of heart, emotions, dreams, intuition, and creativity. If you work towards finishing then you can focus on what now is the dream for your creative work and career? As you finish, don’t just hop into another project. First, ask, “What do I long to do?”

Action, 7 of Swords. Swords is the element of Air in the realm of mind, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and communications. Seven is a number of action. Action in the position of action, here having to do with creativity and thinking. Don’t let others undermine your confidence and belief in yourself and your creative work just when you need it for finishing and moving forward. Close the window, close off the path that allows others’ criticisms and doubts creep in.

Gift, 3 of Cups. Back in the realm of Cups and emotions and creativity, this three encourages creative collaboration and celebration. So look for the gift of friends who delight in sharing in your accomplishment of finishing and who encourage your new ideas and creative goals.

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Theme, Page of Swords. Swords is the element of Air in the realm of mind, thoughts attitudes, beliefs, and communication. The Page is the youth, the messenger. This Page brings you the message of two new project ideas this week. Be alert and ready to receive them. Write them down or record them in some other way. Don’t let them slip away on the breeze.

Focus, 4 of Wands. Wands is the element of Fire in the realm of spirit, creativity, career, work. Four is a number of stability and structure. Here in the creative world, the structure is commitment. What are you willing to commit to this week in your creative work and related to those two new ideas?

Action, 7 of Swords. Swords, again, in the realm of the mind. Seven is a dynamic number and here the action appears to be one of theft. See the two swords hanging on the wall? If you think of them as the two swords of ideas that you are given by the Page and have started to develop (they are larger now), then you need to safeguard them from people who would steal your confidence, commitment and even the ideas themselves. Close the window to that.

Gift, Temperance. This Major Arcana card speaks of an important gift that gives you the higher dimension of inspiration and perspective, while also giving you what you need to strengthen your work and belief in it. Remember to thank Temperance for her gifts.

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Today is a New Moon in Scorpio. Three words that express the energy of Scorpio are sex, death, and transformation.

Those words, in one way or another, signify loss and change.

To experience the true power and intimacy of sex, you must allow your boundaries, your sense of self to blur, soften and disappear. There is no true union without the surrendering of self. But it is in the surrendering that you become most vulnerable, most exposed in every sense of the word. And, in that vulnerability and openness, you emerge changed, sometimes in small ways, other times in big ways.

Death in physical terms is, of course, a great loss and change, for the one who dies and the ones who remain behind to grieve. Other types of death or endings, such as divorce, job termination, and injury or chronic illness, all result in change and a need to adapt to a new normal.

Transformation means loss of the old self or situation and a change into the new. It is shapeshifting in both the mythic (human to wolf) and real sense (pregnancy, old age).

The Moon is a powerful symbol for change, as well, as it moves through its phases. The New Moon is that magic place between endings and beginnings, also a place of transformation. It is also, like the Aces of the tarot, the seed beneath the soil, full of undetermined potential and possibility.

This New Moon in Scorpio offers an opportunity High Priestess to begin a new chapter or book in your life and/or in your writing.

The archetype of the tarot who guides you into the journey of this New Moon is the High Priestess.

She is the Gatekeeper who sits ready to pull back the veils between the worlds, ready to lead you into her realm of the unconscious, symbolized by the water.

One of Scorpio’s ruling planets is Pluto, god of the Underworld, which includes treasures both seen and unseen. For your journey, you must take only what is necessary, so preparation requires letting go–of old emotional baggage or outworn beliefs. Because you’ll need room to bring back newly discovered treasures of wisdom, insights, and intuitions. For new directions. New stories.

The journey is often a challenging one that calls you to face shadows and the demons that may hide in the dark. But, facing those demons, the hero’s journey that Joseph Campbell talks about, elicits the most powerful transformations–and the best stories.

What you do with those stories is up to you. So, whether in your life or your work, will it be a new chapter or a new book?


Theme, Strength. This Major Arcana card with it’s number 8 speaks of stability and strength that arises from within. It’s not the strength of muscles but of heart and soul and mind. When we merge our desires with a higher sense of inspiration and illumination, then there is an inner strength that supports us. The movie, Steel Magnolias, is a great example of this. So this week, look for opportunities to act from that inner strength of heart, mind and soul.

Focus, Faith. Another Major Arcana card, one that comes before Strength as it is number 5. To be strong in your work, how are you staying connected to your source of inspiration and illumination? What do you believe about your work? How is it a blessing for you and for others?

Action, 3 of Wands. There are creative opportunities and gifts coming your way, but you can’t wait for them to knock at your door. Get out there and meet them when they arrive. Help them dock, and help to unload what they bring you. Now is not the time to sit back.

Gift, 6 of Swords. And from your focus and action, comes the gift of moving forward in your work and life with more clarity in your mind and your communication (in spite of that Mercury Retrograde). Doing the work of the other cards, helps you move away from self-sabotaging beliefs and attitudes and into the future.

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Theme, King of Swords. Swords is the element of Air in the realm of mind, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and communication (especially writing). The king is the royal person who has the authority to make decisions, and does so from a place of seeing the big picture and having the necessary confidence. Look for opportunities this week to exercise your authority, to make necessary decisions from a place of expertise and confidence.

Focus, 9 of Coins. Coins is the element of Earth in the realm of the physical such as home, health and wealth. Nine is the number that signifies the end of a phase or project or journey. This week focus on what is the beauty (the sign of Venus) you have created in the world with your work? What attention to detail is necessary in your work, what organizing must be done(Virgo) for your creative projects to flourish?

Action, Queen of Swords. Back in the realm of Air and mind only this time with the Queen. This Queen knows who she is and what she wants. You are called this week to receive new ideas, speak truth in your work and draw clear boundaries to protect yourself so that you can speak truth through your work.

Gift, 2 of Coins. Again in the element of Earth and the realm of the physical, the number two suggests balancing or choice or decision. Here, in the position of gift, if you’ve paid attention to business this week (Capricorn coin), then you reap the reward of abundance, that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (Jupiter coin). The gift comes if your focus is where it needs to be.

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I’m working on a re-design of my site and recently Shocked And Frightened Womansomeone suggested that I might want to leave out any mention of the tarot and perhaps even the dream work if I didn’t want to scare potential clients away. Point taken, but…

After years playing down certain aspects of my work, I finally gathered my courage and put out in the world all—or most—of what I do. And I try not to worry about whether or not my work and my tools offend or scare off potential clients (not to mention family and friends).

But here’s what I know. In order to make big shifts, to break out, break through, break free, you can’t stay in your comfort zone. I’m not here to make you comfortable. I’m here to help you dive deep into your heart and mind and soul and tell the absolute best story you can tell…and write…and live. And sometimes, the only way to do that is to go into those shadowed places of fear, frustration, anger, loneliness, sadness, failure and the unexplainable. The deep mysteries. The not-comfortable places.

Sometimes you choose that journey, sometimes it chooses you. But remember that heroes and heroines on quest journeys usually have a mentor or companion. Having been on several of these journeys into the deep mysteries and not-comfortable places myself in the last ten years, I have a passion for serving as a mentor, and companion for others, particularly new authors.

I also have a passion for my tools—dreams, tarot, myth, fairy tale, ritual. And that will be apparent when my re-designed website is launched soon. The new site is about showcasing who I am and what I do…not hiding it.

Because tarot and dreams, and the rest of my tools, help me go deep, deep into places others fear to tread, and to emerge triumphant, bearing the prize of my story and yours.

So, the tarot and dream work will be there right along with my book coaching. This is who I am. This is how I help you navigate the world of your story and your soul.

When you are ready, you know where to find me. Unless, of course, I scare you.

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