One of my favorite goddesses is Brigid, from Celtic mythology. She is a three-fold goddess (meaning she embodies Maiden, Mother, Crone) and is often represented as Goddess of the Forge (fire) and Goddess of the Well (water). As Goddess of the Well, she is healer and poet and the part of the creative process that arises from intuition and dreams and love of the work. As Goddess of the Forge, she teaches the martial arts and is a patron of soldiers (brigands), but also is the part of the creative process that is passion, determination, and commitment to the work.

With both fire and water, Brigid is a perfect role model—and patron goddess—of creativity. Temperance

She shows up in the tarot as the Major Arcana card, Temperance. In Ciro Marchetti’s Legacy of the Divine Tarot, she is an angel with fire in one hand and water in another, elevated which also speaks to the aspect of Brigid as the goddess of high places, like mountains and towers.

With fire in one hand and water in the other, she shows us the importance of and the ability to balance and hold both aspects of the creative process, each knowing its time and importance.

Too much fire, too much creating, producing, meeting deadlines, marketing, networking and doing, doing, doing, and we burn out.

Too much water, too much dreaming, envisioning, imagining, starting but not finishing, creating without planning or direction, and we drown in our work without it ever seeing the light of day.

When I work with clients, they often express the difficulty of maintaining a reasonable and shifting balance between the fire and the water, between the doing and the desire, the action and the inspiration.

Temperance shows you how to dip inspiration from the well and then use the water of that creative inspiration to shape and strengthen that which is forged in the fire.

Do you constantly work and produce and feel like your love for your work has died away and your inspiration has dried up?


Do you suffer from spending weeks and months daydreaming about an idea, or get halfway done on one project and then, feeling a little bored or challenged, veer off to another more enticing project?

Then call upon Brigid who reminds you that the creative process is a cycle and has seasons. You can’t have the passion without the inspiration, and the inspiration goes nowhere without the sweat of the work.

As the sun draws closer and the days grow longer and you hear from a distance the footsteps of Spring, take time to honor Brigid, Goddess of Forge and Well, of creativity, of words and healing and high places.

And balance.

May your creative well be filled with the pure, crystalline clear waters of Brigid’s inspiration, and may the fire of your forge burn brightly but never too hot.

And may the hiss and steam of the coming together of water and fire, rise high in healing and blessing.

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