Theme, 5 of Coins. Coins is the element of Earth in the realm of home, health, wealth. Anything physical. Five is a number of challenge and change. This week, look for when you are tempted to go it alone instead of asking for help. Remember to ask, and to ask from sources you might not have before whether it’s a ride to the train station for a meeting with a client, or help collating handouts, or even someone to run with so you are sure to get some exercise in the middle of all your work this week. Ask…in a place you haven’t considered before.

Focus, 8 of Swords. Swords is the element of Air in the realm of mind, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and communications. Jupiter there in the background is the big benefic who makes the rewards bigger or makes our doubts and fears larger. Eight is a number of both stability and development. In this case, you don’t want to stick around, to be stable, so what fears and doubts are hanging you up because you’ve let them get bigger than your confidence in your work and in yourself? Are you ready to take the blindfold off and hack your way out of that mess?

Action, 6 of Coins. Again in the realm of Coins, the practical and physical. So your action this week is to bring some balance into your creative work and resources. Maybe you need to eat better, sleep more, or do some cleaning in your work space. Maybe, since tax time is drawing near, it is time to balance and reconcile your accounts. Get to it.

Gift, Death. Yes, this Major Arcana card is not a delightful gift on first appearances. But just like the spring daffodils emerging through the cold soil of winter, out of death and decay something new can emerge, something beautiful and fresh. The sign of Pluto on the dark knight is a reminder of the treasures that often lie beneath the surface, within the darkness of the soil. Look for the new idea, the new project to bloom from out of the release of the old and worn out.

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