Theme, 9 of Swords. These Swords (thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, communication) are waking you up at night…are they worries or dreams? For this week, prepare yourself for sleep in a way that supports your creative night life. Cleanse your space and your mind. Do a brain dump of ideas and concerns before going to sleep. Keep a dream journal and pen next to the bed so that you can record the dreams with their attendant inspiration and problem solving.

Focus, 6 of Swords. In order to continue moving forward successfully with your creative work, it’s important to know what beliefs and attitudes support you and which ones you need to leave behind. What old thought patterns do you need to drop?

Action, 3 of Cups. Creativity arises out of joy and celebration, so make sure to celebrate this week. Also, when you enter your work space, put on some music that supports your creative mood.

Gift, Knight of Cups. Look for someone this week who is a strong emotional champion of your creative work, who can help you negotiate the sometimes deep and dangerous waters of moving your work into the world.

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