Hello, my name is Paula Chaffee Scardamalia…

I am passionate about helping writers, coaches, and creative entrepreneurs tap into that divine source of creativity, the Muse.

I love helping them get inspired, break through fears and blocks, and take confident, creative action to write that book, develop that product, or design that program.

I don’t just help with creation. I help put the soul in the creation with my unique blend of dreams, tarot and rituals, and then use those same tools to create a plan to get that creation into the marketplace.

As a weaver, I understand how to take the varied threads of a project or idea and weave them into an integrated fabric of color and dimension. I am also able to see the big themes or patterns and, with reference to myth and fairytale, give added depth and significance to process and product.

Brief History

I’ve loved story and reading as far back as I can remember. I learned to read before I ever attended school, and since that time, I’ve consumed one book after another. I’ve also written a few of my own, including my “Fat Man, Thin Man” story, written on folded and stapled typing paper when I was about 7; my own mystery with a character eerily similar to Nancy Drew when I was in seventh grade; and a young adult fantasy manuscript when I was in my early 30’s.

Of course, I just had to major in Creative Writing when I attended Pennsylvania State University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts. A year after graduating and marrying my husband, Bob, I moved with him to the Washington DC area, where I studied textile arts while also writing articles for the in-house magazine where I worked.

After our move to Albany, NY and the birth of our three sons, I started my business, Nettles and Green Threads, weaving colorful, luxury rayon chenille wearables and throws for shops and customers across the country and in Europe, South America, and Japan. Clients included galleries at top resorts like the Greenbrier Hotel (WV) and the Broadmoor (CO), and museum shops like the Smithsonian’s Renwick. I still weave for a few select designers and customers.

In 2006, I published, Weaving a Woman’s Life: Spiritual Lessons from the Loom. The book won several awards, including a Bronze in the Self-Help category in Foreword Magazine’s 2006 Book of the Year Awards.

Dreams and Tarot

I’ve always been an active dream and remember dreams from when I was a toddler. Dreams helped me deal with my mother’s illness and death from breast cancer when she was 53 and I was 32. And I’ve studied with and have been a member of the local dream circle of author and dream teacher, Robert Moss for almost 15 years. I’ve taught the power of dreaming, especially for writers and other creatives, to small groups, destination spas, and at conferences like the International Women’s Writing Guild summer conference. In addition to teaching dream work, I also offer dream insights on celebrities’ dreams for People Magazine, Country Special.

The tarot entered my life in the mid-1980s when my aunt saw the two-dimensional Tower images I was weaving. Although I didn’t know it then, The Tower is one of the 22 Major Arcana cards of the tarot. The deck she gave me was the Voyager by James Wanless. I was enchanted by each card’s montage of colorful images, symbols and myths, and used them to do readings for myself and then soon, my family and friends, and then, professionally. I’ve also studied with author and tarot expert, Rachel Pollack.

Now, our three sons are grown, and my husband of 38 years and I live and work in the foothills of the Catskills of New York, a place where the wildlife and the wild folk roam freely.

Specialized Study Includes:

  • Tarot with Rachel Pollack
  • Dreams with Robert Moss
  • Creativity Coaching with Eric Maisel
  • Master of Fine Arts, concentrating in both Visual (Woven) and Written Fantasy

Writing History:

  • Articles for online sites such as First30Days.com and Beliefnet.com
  • In 2006, Weaving a Woman’s Life: Spiritual Lessons from the Loom. The book won several awards, including Bronze in the Self-Help category in Foreword Magazine’s 2006 Book of the Year Awards.
  • Book reviews for Foreword Magazine, for Clarion and for Broadsheet.
  • Feature articles, for Crafts Report magazine, Crafts Business Magazine, and Faery Magazine
  • Majored in Creative Writing at Pennsylvania State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree

Paula’s Personal Path and Specialized Training
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